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  • Patricia A. Gates (Thursday, August 30 18 02:28 pm EDT)

    My grandson attended Wata's summer program. He had a great time and I enjoyed him being there. Instead of playing games and fun activities all day, they provided academic instruction.

  • Y Taylor (Monday, August 27 18 05:58 pm EDT)

    WATA has been a great deal of help with me and my kids. My kids learns so much and Mrs. B has allow my kids to go on trip that I could not afford to take them on. I love WATA so much. Thanks WATA so much I need WATA to stay in our community to help us.

  • Shannon M. (Wednesday, August 22 18 03:46 pm EDT)

    WATA is a true asset to our community, my daughter attend summer camp and is now attending the after-school program. WATA not only teaches our children, they inspire them to be the best they can be in all aspect of life.

  • Craig Ross (Wednesday, August 22 18 10:39 am EDT)

    Mrs. Bee and her team at W.A.T.A. are the parents away from home that our kids and the community needs! They help the children by building their self-confidence and esteem, teaching them how to stand up against bullying, and how to conquer any obstacle they face. We are happy to be a part of the W.A.T.A family!

  • Adrienne C. Ross (Wednesday, August 22 18 10:35 am EDT)

    My children attended W.A.T.A's summer camp this year. The children were immersed in educational, cultural, and social activities throughout the summer. They learned skills that they were not being taught in school, had the opportunity to meet individuals in various professions, and they went on some amazing field trips! Mrs. Bee takes time to address real-life issues and situations with the children - sometimes discussing things they are afraid to discuss with their parents. I see a huge difference in my children since being a part of W.A.T.A.
    W.A.T.A. is a much needed resource in the community and the lives of our children!

  • Mrs.Spencer (Monday, December 04 17 11:05 am EST)

    WATA is truly making a difference in our community,
    My son goes to their after school program and I can truly see the difference in his life. He has gone from being closed in not wanting to go outside because of the Bullying and name calling. Now I hear him saying to others peers I am not afraid and "I am not who they say I am" he feels WATA after school Club is a great place talk and be happy. He has made friends there with children that are going through the same thing.
    Thank you Mrs.Beverly Sims-Morris for what you are doing in our communites!

  • Porchia (Sunday, April 16 17 06:48 pm EDT)

    Very fortunate to have had WATA come out to my school and talk to the teens. They made a huge impact on how we need to open up more when there is violence going on. how it is alright to speak up and ask for help.

WATA-Women Against Teen Abuse

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